About Us
Our strong foothold in the markets we operate and about the manufacturing of products we deal in. This foothold and our knowledge has become the key drivers of our business strategy. Moreover, it is our unwavering focus on our performance that enables us to create valuable opportunities and an operating environment supporting us to bring forth a line of quality-assured Ceiling Boards, UPVC Windows, Ceramic Tiles, Modular Designer Kitchen and more products. Besides, our prudent policies helps us in being consistent in our performance and work excellently as a manufacturer and supplier of aforesaid and more products.

Backed by a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we continue to manufacture a line of products that are known for enhancing the exteriors and interiors of our company. By operating in the market for over half-a-decade, we now have a long record of rendering our customers products of unparalleled quality at the prices that suit their pockets.

Manufacturing Responsibility

Economic progress and stronger community is driven by responsible manufacturing. From product planning to development, manufacturing to storage and delivering, we have been smoothly performing our business activities with the support of our industrial assets including manufacturing units, warehouses, service stations, etc.

Our business operations are as commercially complex and technical as these are geographically dispersed. For manufacturing responsibly, we aim to meet the highest standards of product quality while putting health, environmental, community and safety standards at the forefront of everything.

Our Story

Our company has consistently connecting the customers to the global economy from the past several years by offering them international quality building material. Our business has succeeded by questioning the status quo. In the initial days, we are amongst few manufacturing companies which challenge the traditional dominance of big institutions in the market. We have developed new markets and assist in redefining the way building material are produced.

Hausler is one of the largest participants in today's market with global presence. We invest immense amount & resources in our world-class infrastructure. Our firm is ranked amongst the pioneers in the field of building material. With the motive to grow more; we have never stopped questioning. We always stay one step ahead from the competitors by staying humble and curious.

Distribution Manufacturing

With our business operations across the country and diversification strategy, we now have our presence all over the nation. This also also led our diversification into the supply of our offerings. Over time, we have grown and continue to grow till date with our deep experience. In our way of doing so, we never compromise with the values of our company-quality, partner of choice and service.


Our business voyage begins with our mission that is enduring and this clears our purpose as a reliable business entity of serving products of high quality standards. It is our mission to:

  • Create values for our customers while making a difference for the community.
  • Become one of the most trusted businesses in this competitive business line.
  • Conduct integrated core business in this domain on our strong company principles.

We consider our employees to be one of the greatest assets of our company. The value of our company is derived from our them. Moreover, growth and development of our company is dependent on the innovation, relationships and expertise of our company. We also consider that talent is valuable to us, therefore, we create an environment in which our employees can enhance their value by reaching their full potential. With our flat and high on performance organization structure. Besides, with this structure, we promote collaborative and entrepreneurial perspective through which everyone focuses on efficiency and safety. Our employees and business as diverse as our network we operate in.

Our Investment

We are known to be a major investor in processing, transportation, manufacturing and logistics. The strategic long-term investment made by us is diversified across our entire network. Thus, offering many competitive benefits to us and our customers both. Our direct relations to the end-buyers enhances our capability of maintaining quality standards.

Diversification minimizes our risks and helps us to ensure that we always retain our position as innovators in promoting, modernizing and developing the entire supply chain for meeting the increasing the demands of our customers for UPVC Windows, Ceramic Tiles, etc.

Our Values

Dare to Dream-Entrepreneurship

  • Even when our managers fail at something, we make it safe for them as a part of learning process.
  • We continuously look for better opportunities.
  • We also encourage Smart Risk Taking whenever necessary.

Passion for More-Stretch and Ambition
  • Striving for great success.
  • Incorporating the desire of attaining the best by even going beyond our limitations.
  • Shaping our passions and ambitions by following a unique approach to improve the future of our company.
  • Demonstrating our passion and discretionary efforts for exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Understanding and respecting the requirements of our customers is our main objective. By doing this, we strive for developing long-lasting relations with our partners.

Mutual Respect and Teamwork
  • Showing respect for each and every individual is a way of earning respect.
  • Valuing diversity of talent, language and style of our colleagues is not a rule but humanity.
  • We also encourage our employees to actively interact with each other and share their ideas.

  • Remaining true to everything that we do.
  • We aim to perform our best by doing the right thing.
  • Striving for promoting business practices that are sustainable.

  • Demonstrating ownership in all the business activities that we perform.
  • We put in all our efforts to achieve our set targets on time.
  • Everything we do, an intensity of winning can be seen in it.

Health and Safety
Looking after the well-being of our employees and other business partners is one of our objectives. And, for this we follow an approach that involves zero work-related deaths, minimize the workplace accidents and prevent serious incidents from occurring. Supported by a network of HSEC practitioners, health and safety work conditions are are strongly governed. This approach is entirely based on the business principles and corporate responsibility policy.

Stakeholder Engagement
Every business entity has to face the increasing expectations of stakeholders and we are no different. We face the similar challenges. Our investors and partners continue to become risk sensitive. Government pays attention to the extractive sector. Lenders, municipalities and NGOs expect us to act responsibly. And, we have learned a lot from our business deals. Moreover, we engage in identifying the preferences and priorities of our stakeholders considering it as a part of our Material Assessment Process. Some of our key stakeholders include existing and potential customers, host governments, financial institutions, International and regional media, existing and potential suppliers, employees, unions, etc.

We aim to take care of our planet, therefore, put in all our efforts to minimize the negative impact of our activities like production of Modular Designer Kitchen, Kitchen Sinks, etc., on our surroundings. And, we do this by understanding and responding to the climatic changes.

Our Approach
We are entrusted with the different activities like safe handling, transportation and storage of our offerings because we believe that it is our responsibility for preventing and minimizing the harmful effects caused by these products. We aim to minimize emissions by exploring was for creating efficiency in supply chain logistics.

Our Employees
We feel proud in our work environment forged by our values like equal opportunity, mutual respect, ethical behavior, integrity, etc. To ensure that we establish sustainable business, we attract and retain zealous, experienced and skilled employees. Thus, providing our customers a quality-assured line of Ceramic Tiles, UPVC Windows, etc.

Our Approach
We set extremely higher standards for our partners and our company via everyday business activities. Combining responsibility with entrepreneurship, we have been ensuring full accountability and control. Our robust system also helps with the same. This approach motivates our employees for promoting agility. Through this, we also operate effectively across entire nation with our socioeconomic conditions.

Each and every business activity we conduct is in accordance with the rules and regulations of industry. Different areas may have different norms, however, we work in accordance to the standards of the area we operate in.

Our Approach
Our focus always remain on promoting a solid compliance culture that enhance the knowledge of our employees while meeting the goals of our company.

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